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Zion Tribe played its debut gig on Friday, May 29, 1987, at the University of Utah Mayfest, beginning its journey as a musical pillar in Utah with over 700 powerful performances, including festivals, concerts, parties, weddings and clubs.

Internationally known artists needing an opening punch look to Zion Tribe, including Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers (twice), Pato Banton, Inner Circle, Third World, Steel Pulse, just to name a few.

This band has a heart as well as a beat, contributing their talents to many benefits for non-profit organizations such as Amnesty International, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Utah Special Olympics, KRCL (Community Radio of Utah), Hogle Zoo, The Utah Aids Foundation, and Catholic Community Services.

While it may be unusual for a band to stay together for more than a year or two, the Tribe’s uniqueness is not limited to longevity; they can lay claim as one of Salt Lake City’s only "world beat" bands. A hybrid of musical influences from around the globe comprises the World Beat genre.  Zion Tribe passionately plays reggae, Latin, Afro-Caribbean, rock, funk and rhythm & blues in a way that always pulls the audience into their groove. Original dance tunes from their numerous albums keep them on the floor and ready for more.

Zion Tribe consists of electric guitar, bass guitar, drum kit, keyboards, and a female lead vocalist. Two of the instrumentalists also sing lead vocals and contribute to multiple-part harmonies. This basic lineup is also augmented by percussion instruments, giving the band the driving, rhythmic feel associated with Afro-Latin music.

The most recent CD release (fifth), "Subliminal Messages”, features seven tunes and samples their eclectic brew of reggae, rock, blues, funk and jazz. 

A live performance by the Tribe is always dynamic, energetic, and tight, with plenty of drums, rhythms, singing and dancing!









"Mama Lia" - Vocalist & Lyrical Maestro

(also damn good cook)

Expressive, energetic and soulful, Mama Lia has been singing solo and in bands throughout the Salt Lake Valley for over 10 years.  By day, she mercilessly and skillfully navigates corporate canals and leaps corporate ladders with a single bound.  By night, she moonlights as the vocalist and tireless performer, Mama Lia.   While always gettin' her groove on, it's her powerful and rich singing style that turns audiences into instant fans. Check out her MP3 site: www.purevolume.com/MamaLia



Steve Lowry: guitar, harmonica, percussion, vocals


Steve is a graduate in Music Performance from Utah State University.  He has performed jazz, classical and pop music in various bands, duos and as a soloist throughout the Intermountain West and in Nashville, Tennessee. Steve is a sought after studio guitar instructor in the Salt Lake Area and currently teaches several guitar and fret board music theory courses at the Salt Lake Community College.  He has a very distinctive style to his playing and mesmerizes his audiences with his solos, both on guitar and harmonica.



Steve "Doc" Floor -  bass guitar

Doc studied music performance and theory at the University of Utah and worked for several years under the tutelage of bassist Harold Carr. He currently works in the music industry as a concert producer, festival organizer, arts organization grant application judge, is affiliated with the American Federation of Musicians, Local 104 and has, since 1980, worked as a music programmer for KRCL Radio.  He recently produced a radio documentary project based on the life and music of John Coltrane, is an active audiophile, and the founding member of Zion Tribe.



Kevin Hagberg - keyboards, vocals

Kevin, a.k.a. "Special K," was born and raised in Chicago and graduated from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale with a degree in Music Business.   Kevin joined Zion Tribe in 1988 and has been with the band (off and on, mostly on) ever since. He manages to eek out a meager living as by working as a live sound engineer at some of our favorite local clubs and also does studio work for Toby at Sound Image Studios.  

"Keep the peace, don't forget to register to vote, and come see us!  You'll have fun and meet real-live-honest-to-god, unpretentious just plain folks like yourself who actually enjoy having a good time. SUPPORT LOCAL, LIVE MUSIC!!"



Lynn Brown - drums, vocals

Lynn is an accomplished percussionist, pianist, composer and professor of music.  He has earned a Bachelor and a Master degree in Music from the University of Utah.  Currently he is on the faculty at the Salt Lake Community College instructing percussion and music history.  Lynn plays in several other musical groups and organizations in the area, of various styles from New Orleans Jazz, to Reggae and Soul, to principal timpanist in the Orchestra and Chorus of Sandy City.  He is affiliated with the American Federation of Musicians, ASCAP, Percussive Arts Society, and is a seasoned school band director.


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